Thursday, February 6, 2014

We hope to offer an unique inside look at Ornamental Plant Propagation at Decker Nursery, Inc. Groveport, Ohio USA. We will show propagation and production form a "different" perspective. Enjoy!

 At our Company, we have a long history of Plant Propagation.  The pictures at the right show a freshly completed graft of Juniperus chinensis "Fairview" that has just been grafted on the understock, Juniperus chinensis "Hetzii".  The lower photo shows a flat of fresh grafts mulched in with moist peat moss-Perlite and ready to place in the graft case.

As this is my first attempt at a Blog; please have patience.  If folks are interested in seeing this blog continue with an in depth look at a commercial nursery and how it propagates millions of plants each year for primarily the US and North American market, I would be glad to continue with many pictures and videos.

You can also check out our company at:

Please let me know if you would be interested in me continuing this blog.

Brian Decker

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  1. Nice start here. Glad you "stuck" with it (prop humor). The next one is priceless, Well - worth more than a Mint Julep Juniper.